Permanent Facial Makeup by Judy | Charlotte NC


Microblading and Permanent Cosmetic Makeup in Charlotte NC


The initial visit is for consultation, taking clients’ personal information, and making certain that the client is a good candidate for permanent makeup. We talk shape, color, and the client’s expectations. At this visit, the client is tested to make certain she is not sensitive to the pigment.

I work by appointment. Most times I am booked out 3 weeks in advance. To insure the date and time you desire, please book your appointment early.  Most people have a very busy schedule, and our time is very valuable. I always show up for your appointment and I am prompt and on time.

Please, please, I ask that you do the same for me. If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, a 24-hour notice is required.  If less than a 24 hour notice or a “no show” for an appointment, you will be required to bring me a $50 non-refundable deposit to reschedule an appointment.



This procedure can have the effect of powder (penciled) brows, hair-like strokes that mimic the hairs in the brows, or a combination of both applications.  We can fill in sparse or uneven brows or create brows where there are none. Patients with alopecia, burn patients, and recovering cancer patients are thrilled with the results.  The eyebrows are the frame of the face.  The correct shape can lift and open up the eyes. The client has the choice of shaping her brows or Judy is happy to work her magic, with the client’s desires in mind. She has had several occasions of reshaping brows previously done, before coming to her, where clients were not pleased with their outcome. They are amazed at how just a little change, in the right place, can make so much difference.


Microblading, commonly known as eyebrow embroidery, is a revolutionary new semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that allows you to correct or reconstruct lost eyebrow. The pigment of your choice is deposited manually into the basal layer of your epidermis with the use of a pen. The time necessary to complete the microblading procedure varies from one person to the next. Because microblading is considered semi-permanent it is recommended to have a color refresh every 18 months.


Eyeliner can be applied to upper lids, lower lids, or both. The client can choose from a lash enhancer, soft eyeliner, or a more bold dramatic liner. The choice is yours, with several colors to choose from. The darker the color, the longer you can expect the eyeliner to last.


Judy suggests that you be certain that you want a permanent beauty mark. Remember, it is a permanent spot on the face.  She suggests that you mark a spot on your face with an eyebrow pencil and not be without it for a couple of weeks.  If you don’t tire of the spot and it becomes a part of you, you will then know that you are ready for a permanent beauty mark.


Lip color and lip liner can be applied in a host of colors of pigments. You can choose pigments in colors of coral, orange, red, and brown tones for the warm toned skin and pink, raspberry and plum for those who need cool tones. Still others might like a natural lip color applied, especially for cleft lip reconstruction.  Whatever your choice, you are sure to find your most used color. When you want to use a different color for special occasions, you can apply your lipstick over your permanent makeup.  Micropigmentation can give your lips a little more fullness, or even out both sides to make them more symmetrical.  The lip liner can help to keep your lipstick from feathering and bleeding color outside the lip line.  If you have lost pigment from repeated cold sores or scars, this area can be filled in and hold color like lip liner pencil is unable to.



Breast reconstruction often leaves one areola or both without the normal color.   Permanent makeup is the perfect solution to give a more natural appearance to the breast.  This is very important to many women, to give them back their self assurance and self esteem.  Some insurance providers may cover areola restoration after a mastectomy. Please consult your insurance company.


Light colored scars can sometimes be made to blend with surrounding skin color. However, keep in mind, the skin area with pigment does not change in color when the surrounding skin color changes from the sun. Tight scar bands, like those after surgery or burns, may be released also, giving them a more smooth appearance.



Tinting brings out the color, more fullness and length to brows and lashes.  This is an added little bonus to complete the look of some permanent makeup applications.


This procedure stimulates the growth of new collagen under the skin, which minimizes lines and tones and strengthens the skin for a more youthful appearance. Skin Needling also is used to release scar bands by breaking up scar tissue, as in cases after surgery.


The eyelashes are wrapped on a sticky little rod that is glued to the upper eyelid. The rods come in different diameters to accommodate different lengths of lashes. They are then swabbed with perm and neutralizer solutions, made especially for the lashes. The curl lasts approximately 3 months. This is the usual length of time it takes for lashes to replace themselves. This is a great application for those who use an eyelash curler every day.